Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Flute that keeps your Champagne Bubbling for longer

Wine enthusiasts have been trying to keep champagne bubbly in the glass for centuries. In fact the flute shape itself, apart from looking very elegant, was designed in an effort to slow down the rate at which champagne goes flat by reducing the surface area of champagne in contact with the air.

The idea behind this innovation is that each flute has 5 or 6 etched dots at the bottom which produce a single point which the bubbles can form and rise from. This reduces the rate of effervescence and, in theory, keeps your champagne sparkling for longer.

In truth this new glassware offering from Marks and Spencer’s is not a particularly new revelation. Many upmarket glassware specialists, such as Reidel, have produced similar designs in the past but for much higher prices. These Marks and Spencer glasses are £15 for four and, I have to say, look very classy.

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